Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little known facts about William Frawly

In 1928, William was fired from the Broadway show `She`s My Baby` starring Beatrice Lillie for allegedly punching Clifton Webb in the nose.
Bill always loved to sing and did a lot of it in his career in his earlier days. This was a big surprise when I found this out, but supposedly, it was Bill, and NOT Al Jolson who introduced the son "My Mammy" to vaudeville audiences!
Never got along with Vivian Vance and in fact, they detested each other!
Was Catholic, was born in Iowa, and his first job was that of a stenographer for a railroad. William Frawly was in more than 100 movies!


Lynn said...

I remember reading that Vivian and William didn't like each other too much. I read Vivian's Bio a while back and enjoyed reading all about her. I always thought she was a very pretty woman also and of course funny.

minishoes1 said...

I would love to read Vivian's bio! I wonder if she ever got jealous of Lucy. Also, I think I read where Lucy wanted vivian's character Ethel,to be at least 20lbs heavier then Lucy.
I loved this information about William and had heard Ethel and him didn't get along. I can't remember if there was an big age difference between william and Vivian.