Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lucy and Max Factor

Did you know that Lucy signed her first endorsement contract with Max Factor in 1935 and renewed it again in 1942. Of all of the Hollywood celebrities of the time, Lucy had the longest association with the Max Factor company and Max Factor himself was credited for the make-up on the I LOVE LUCY television show.

In Lucy's day, Max Factor was highly sought after not only for his talent as an artist but for his knowledge and inventiveness with makeup. He is responsible for two very important developments in makeup back then. In 1940 he invented Max Factor's True Colour Lipstick which was considered the first lipstick where the color didn't irritate or change after it is applied, and in 1947 Max Factor developed Pan Stick Makeup for television. Max is also credited for creating the false eyelash and the eyebrow pencil.


Lynn said...

Hello there fellow Pisces, and I enjoyed reading about Lucy and Max Factor, I never knew that, and I love seeing pics of Lucy that I have never seen before.

minishoes1 said...

I knew she wore Max factor,but I didn't know he invented all this stuff. Lucy looks so pretty!