Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Great I Love Lucy Stuff!

Who can forget The infamous Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League that Lucy and Ethel belonged to? It was for them that Lucy wrote her famous operetta and gave us that great gypsy queen image we'll never forget as well as Ethel's famous number "Lilly of the Valley". It was for the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League that the girls fought over who would be president and wound up being co-presidents, where Lucy cajoled Ricky into emceeing benefit shows and where they had many of their famous "breakups" only to cry, hug and be best friends again.

Some more facts about I Love Lucy

Did you know that the beautiful face of Lucy has been seen by more people and more often than any other face of any other person who ever lived!

Did you also know that to this day "I Love Lucy" is still shown in more than 70 countries and is dubbed in more than 22 different languages!

It would seen that there are very intelligent people all over the world!