Monday, January 26, 2009

Lucy and Ethel on a new postage stamp

Looks like sometime this year, maybe late summer, the US Postal Service will be putting out a set of black and white of which will be honoring our two favorite girls (in the candy factory no less!) Since there will be an expected rate increase this May, I can't tell you that this stamp will be 42 cents or not....but the other stamps in this salute to black and white TV will be a Joe Friday from Dragnet stamp and a Groucho Marx stamp, all on the same sheet with Ethel and Lucy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Managing your money like Lucy in 2009?

With all the grim financial news we are hearing for the 2009 year, it's kind of scary to think about money and what lies ahead. I prefer to leave the money issues to those who know a lot more about it than myself. I still live (much to my husband's dismay!) in what I call my "Lucy Ricardo" world of money.

Remember her way of deciding which bills get paid and which ones don't? Throwing the whole stack up into the air and only paying the ones that land face up? That makes sense to me! Hey, Lucy couldn't bypass a beautiful new hat just because their were bills to pay. I can sympathize. Sometimes there are just some items that reach out of those shop windows and grab me....forcing me to buy them.

Maybe I need a business manager like Mr. Hickcox. He worked well for a little while until Lucy outsmarted him too with her own little grocery shopping business. I would have loved that little side business. In fact, "The business Manager" is one of my favorite episodes. I wish Lucy Ricardo were my neighbor. I'd love to share a freezer with an entire cow's worth of beef to save money I think she had some great ideas!