Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Longest Laugh

Can you guess which episode of I Love Lucy go the biggest laugh out of all the episodes ever shown? No, it's not the vitametavegamin episode, It's not "Job Switching", and it's not when the one with Bill Holden.

The episode that got the logest laugh was when the Ricardos buy a house in Connecticut and were trying to start a chicken farm eith the Mertzes. Lucy and Ethel had to buy a bunch of eggs to sneak out under the chickens so Ricky would think that the chickens had started laying so they stuffted their blouses and all of their pokets with raw eggs.

Of course, Ricky picks that moment, while Lucy's clothes are filled with raw eggs, to practice the tango they are going to perform at a beneft the following night. Thought Lucy protested, Ricky wouldn't take no for an answer. Naturally, Ricky SMASHED into Lucy and broke dozens of raw eggs all over Lucy. That was the longest laugh in the history of I Love Lucy. Just as the laughter started to settle down, Ethehl got her eggs (That were in her pants pockets) smashed all over her backside when Fred came in and slammed the door into her. That started the laughter all over again.

That was a funny episode

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucy's Lady Writer

Madelyn Pugh Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. wrote radio scripts for Lucy's radio show "My Favorite Husband" which co-starred Lucy's dear friends Gale Gordon and Bea Benadaret. Madelyn, who now lives in Marion, Indiana; admitted to a habit that she and Bob Carroll had of counting the laughs of the audience during each radio show. The most they ever go was 91. When the watched the first I Love Lucy show they wrote, there was 92 laughs and they knew they were working on something great. They had no idea at the time they would become a part of history.

For more great information on Lucy, Desi and the I Love Lucy show, be sure to pick up Madelyn's book, Laughing with Lucy. It's a great book brimming with information any Lucy lover would treasure.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Beautiful Clown

Lucy's writers often called her a "beautiful clown". No matter how ugly or frumpy the script called for, Lucy didn't care. In fact, she loved dressing up and putting on wigs and makeup that were, shall we say, less then flattering. Lucy was different than most actresses of the day. Most of them would be horrified if any role would require them to have their hair mussed or anything to ruin their make up or in fact, do anything to make them in anyway unattractive.

Not Lucy! She would do anything the script called for, no matter how awful it made her look, in order to get a laugh and thereby entertain her audience.