Monday, August 31, 2009

My Very Favorite Episode!

As promised, while the contest is still going on, I'm gonna tell you about some of my favorite episodes. My first and foremost, very favorite episode has not been mentioned by anyone in the contest, which kind of surprises me, but here goes.
It's not really shown very often and occurs in season 5. I think the title is RETURN HOME FROM EUROPE
The European tour has come to an end and the girls are packing up to go home. Lucy has bought souvenirs for everyone but her luggage is over the airlines weight limit so Ricky says she can't take stuff on the plane but would have to ship it by mail. Lucy just refuses to do this because she wants to present people with their gifts as soon as they return, especially her mother, to whom she has promised a 25# of special Italian cheese. She just has to get that cheese on the plane.
Well leave it to Ethel...for once, she has a bright idea. She tells Lucy that it's too bad it wasn't a baby, because babies fly for free, which gives Lucy the wonderful idea to put a bonnet on the cheese and to wrap it in a blanket.
She actually takes it on the plane and passes it off as a baby. Unluckily for her, a woman with a real baby sits next to her and the fun begins. The woman is very curious to see Lucy's baby. She shares her formula with her, which Lucy drinks and makes the same face and body shivers that she makes when tasting that awful vitametavegamin! There's just too many funny things too list but to make a long story short, she finds out you do have to pay for babies and afraid that Ricky will kill her, Lucy and Ethel try to eat the cheese. When they realize that they can't. they decide to stuff the cheese in the instruments of Ricky's band members. If you get a chance to watch it, please do. It's really funny!


Lynn said...

The good ole cheese episode, wow that Lucy is just so funny. Makes you wish you could be like her or have a neighbor or friend just like her.

Kathleen Barron said...

I would LOVE to have a neighbor like Lucy! I would never get anything done!C