Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucy was a Leo, Desi was Pisces

Since we all love interesting facts about the people we love, I thought it might be fun to note the astrological signs of Lucy and Desi. Lucy was a Leo
, the sign of the lion.

People born under the star sign of Leo are generally confident, ambitious, generous, loyal and encouraging to others. That sums up Lucy pretty well if you ask me. Some of the weaker points to a Leo's personality can be the tendency to be stubborn and melodramatic. I think, if Lucy had those traits, they served her well. In order to succeed the way she did, she would have had to be stubborn not to give up, to keep pushing, to prove that she was right in doing things the way she wanted. Her way. And, every actress or actor has to have a little melodrama in their personality. It's what makes them an artist in my opinion.

Desi was born under the sign of Pisces the fish. This would mean that Desi would have tended to be passionate,accepting, devoted and imaginative. For those who go for this kind of thing, they would also tell you that the stars would have read Desi to have been over-sensitive and somewhat indecisive.

Does all of this astrology talk remind any of you of episode 7 in season 1 where Lucy and Ethel become interested in Numerology and Astronomy? To make a long story short, Lucy almost ruins Ricky's chances of starring in a new musical so to make amends she goes to visit "Mr. Merriweather" (played by Jay Novello) who is also very interested in these same activities. Somehow, everybody is involved in a seance, with Ethel acting as medium, in order to contact "Tilly" (Mr. Merriweather's beloved cockerspaniel) and then Mrs. Merriweather! Anyway, this episode is known as "The seance" episode and usually gets high points on the perverbial laugh meter.


Lynn said...

Lovin the trivia, and hey Im a pisces too!!

Kathie said...

Then we have something else in common Lynn, I'm a pisces too!

minishoes1 said...

I am a Aries. I have always wondered what sign they were. I wonder what fred and Ethel were? I am glad I found your blog!