Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Jamestown fun....

I'll be you didn't know that New York State's largest community theater is named after Lucy! The theater's season runs October through May so if you do take that Fall trip you can check it out. The Lucille Ball Little Theater of Jamestown can be found at 18 E 2nd Street.

Now, for my favorite two place, almost anywhere. I never get tired of going here. My family thinks I'm crazy but I could go here every day because I find something new and amazing every time I go here. Once, at the Lucy-Desi museum, the exhibited one of Lucy's hairbrushes with some of her hair still in it. I know that makes me sound like one of those crazy Elvis people that save a piece of old meat that he ate that still has his bite marks in it but this is different. I Love Lucy was in black and white and to see the actual color of that famous red hair was truly amazing to me.

Anyway, The Lucy-Desi museum is located at 212 Pine street and is an incredible way to spend a few hours. You will get a truly inside look at Lucy and Desi. Although the exhibits keep changing, I have seen and was able to read personal letters sent between the two that has brought me to tears, I have seen costumes both had worn in episodes on the show, seen some of Lucy's favorite gowns, dishes that Lucy owned, furniture from the Desilu studios, and so much more. It is definitely worth the price of admission, and speaking of admission, you get a discount on both if you also go to the Desilu playhouse which is on 2 West 3rd Street and you won't want to miss it.

The playhouse is named after the studio where I Love Lucy and countless other TV shows were filmed. When you visit this place, it is like stepping into the lives of the Ricardo's and you will NOT want to leave. There are EXACT replicas of the Ricardo's apartment right down to the fireplace, the mantle, the kitchen, the dishes, the knick-knacks, every single thing in that apartment we know so well is right there in front of us and believe me, you will want to jump right over that rope and become part of it.

They have also replicated the Hollywood hotel suite down to every last minute detail. I don't know how they did it. Every last detail is perfect. You can see the tiny bicycle that Pepito the clown rode on one of the I Love Lucy episodes, costumes from some of the shows and there is even an area where you can act out the Vitametavegaamin commercial yourself. And if you love dolls, there is an extensive doll collection with everything from baby dolls to Mattel barbie dolls.

After stilling through both of these, you can visit the gift shop, one of the most complete Lucy stores anywhere, that also has an extensive mail-order catalog. Every penny of the proceeds goes towards upkeep of the Lucy-Desi Center. Check it out at

So, there you go, the highlights of the trip. Jamestown, NY should be put on your to-do list. If you have any questions, fire away and prepare to have the time of your life!


Lynn said...

I'm so jealous, my husband and I have been to upstate New York a few times but I never thought about Lucy's hometown. If we ever go there again I will definitely try to make it to Jamestown, I wanna see all that stuff too dang it! Take care.

minishoes1 said...

You are so lucky! I would love to see all of her stuff! I would probably be there all day and if I lived close,I would probably go everyday. lol I think it would be so much fun and something I would never forget! If I win the lottery, I will Do they let you take pics inside?