Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lucy's Wardrobe

I know we've mentioned it before, especially when talking about our Paper Doll give-a-way. Most Lucy lovers agree, we loved Lucy's I Love Lucy wardrobe from her cocktail dress right down her house dresses and even her weird "I'm gonna get Ricky back for that!" outfits! We owe the majority of those lovely creations to Eloise Jenssen who was Lucy's dress designer, on and off the set, for many years.

Eloise died on Valentines day in 2004. This is an excerpt of the 2004 "Still In Love With Lucy newsletter that was written by Thomas Watson for the Lucy - Desi Museum contributors and members. Thomas had run a previous article about Eloise. These are the readers comments. I thought you might enjoy reading them. I did.

"Many thanks for the nice e-notes regarding fashion/costume designer Elois Jenssen, who passed away February 14. One fan wrote: "I always loved the outfits that Miss Jenssen did for Lucy... Even her everyday clothes were suddenly smart and spiffy. Many of the outfits Lucy wore in the real early episodes were a little on the dowdy side..."

Another said: "Elois did not just dress Lucy... She seemed to participate in the creative process, because in some instances, her outfits WERE the joke. I am thinking particularly of the Charm School get-ups that Lucy and Ethel wore. Whatta riot!"

Author Allan Glaser agrees... "There are many times that Elois' contributions 'made the moment.' I am thinking particularly of the breakaway outfits Lucy and Ethel wore for the 'Friendship' number, the Marilyn Monroe outfit, and the heavy showgirl headdress Lucy tried to wear in Hollywood. The outfits made the comedy moments believable."

If you want to have some fun and go through some old newsletters, you can get to them through this link. Go to to find some interesting information. If you like what you read and find anything you'd like to share, leave a comment on this post for everyone else to read.

I'll have more information on Eloise in a later post.


Lynn said...

Well Eloise was definitely a very talented lady with her dress making, I loved the clothes that Lucy wore, dresses back then were just so beautiful. I can't wait to visit that site and look around, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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