Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love Lucy episodes often mirror real life

The Club Election (Episode #47)

Lucy often used inserted events and people from hers and Desi's life into Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's life on I Love Lucy. This particular episode was full of names of real life people who were near and dear to Lucy's heart.

Originally aired on February 16, 1953

You will remember that the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League is having its annual club election and Lucy and Ethel both wind up running for club president. Unfortunately, the vote is split pretty evenly between the club members which means the newest member Ruth Knickerbocker (with the cut glass punchbowl and matching cups) will have the deciding vote.

Guest Cast In This Episode: Doris Singleton (Lillian Appleby whose name is later changed to Carolyn Appleby); Ida Moore (Mrs. Knickerbocker); Margie Liszt (Marion Strong); Hazel Pierce (Grace Munson); Lurene Tuttle (outgoing club president); Peggy Rea (Pauline Lopus)

Interestingly, this was the first episode to feature Doris Singleton as Lucy and Ethel's friend... In this story, she is called Lillian Appleby. In real life, Lillian Appleby was one of Lucy's Jamestown, NY teachers. Marion Strong, Grace Munson, and Pauline Lopus were all good personal friends of Lucy.

Here's a funny clip of Lucy talking about Marion Strong's hat and her "cackling" laugh! This one is from "Lucy Tells The Truth"


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