Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lucy chosen as the new Chesterfield Girl!

As a young girl, Lucy modeled at Hattie Carnegies, at 49th street in New York City. Hattie's was a popular place and catered to movie stars and rich clientelle and Lucy was a popular model. Lucy was accustomed to sending a good portion of her earnings back home to her mother and grandpa Fred (whom she referred to as her father since her own father died so young and her grandpa helped to raise her). So, to earn more money, Lucy found out that posing in the evenings after work at Hatties and on weekends for commercial illustrators brought in some nice extra cash. On Hattie's suggesstion one night, a painter by the name of Ratterman painted an oil of Lucy in a chiffon dress that she borrowed from one of her modeling jobs. He sold the painting to Chesterfield cigarettes. Lucy became an overnight sensation with her face plastered on billboards all over New York and Times Square!

But that was only the beginning. As the new Chesterfield Girl, an amazing break came her way. A theatrical agent by the name of Sylvia Hahlo noticed the billboards and got in touch with her. It just so happened that Sam Goldwyn needed a dozen well-known poster girls for a new Eddie Cantor movie, Roman Scandals. He had already picked out all the girls he needed but one had backed out. Lucy jumped at the chance and within three days Lucy was on her way to Hollywood.

I couldn't find an early photo of Lucy pitching for Chesterfield, but here's on her, going back to her roots.....staying loyal to the company that gave her her start


Anonymous said...

Lucy looks gorgeous in that add! I love your layout and this is the only lucy blog I've ever found and I found it by accident! Haha!

Kennan Brooks said...

I appreciate your comment. I know it sounds trite, but I really "LOVE LUCY!" and it is such a pleasure for me to write this blog. If you have anything you want to discuss or talk about here, please let me know and feel free to share this blog with other friends who love Lucy too!