Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucy and her Hats

One of the MANY things I love about I LOVE LUCY is that it points out the culteral differances between the 1950's and now. Those times were so much nice. The etiquette was better, people were kinder, ladies never left the house without their "good" clothes on, they wore hats and gloves and always looked lovely. I even like the ideal of "house dresses". Why not have a pretty dress to do your housework in or a nice apron to throw on over your jeans. It just seems more gentile. Anyway, the hats were a big thing for Lucy, so here a few of her favorites!


minishoes1 said...

I always did love the hats she wore. Some were very elegant and then there were the funny big hats. I am not a hat person unless it's cold and I wear stocking cap. lol

minishoes1 said...

P.S It's always fun to look at the pics on your blog and the info. Thanks!