Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a little bit of trivia...

I've always known that Lucy was an amazing women and took the world by storm, but as far as her career was concerned, she did it a little different than most. Most actors will do TV for a while and after making a name for themselves will leave their television shows and try to get a part in a movie. Quite a few of them never make it to the big screen and are forced to back to TV.

Lucy did it backwards, and with results that made her the most famous and most beloved females in television history!

Did you know that Lucy had made more than 70 movies before moving into television! After Lucy and Desi divorced, Lucy became the President of Desi-Lu studios and is responsible for many of our best know TV shows such as Star Trek, and Mission Impossible.

As I said in the title, just a little bit of trivia.


Anonymous said...

Wow I never knew she did that many movies I think I have only seen 2 movies maybe I would love to see them all, thanks!

Kathie said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. I know, more than 70 movies. Our girl had a little of the work-a-holic in her I think! But it all works to our advantage.

Anyway, check out my new blog when you have a and let me know what you think of it.