Monday, October 5, 2009

"Be A Pal" Season 1, Episode 2

Did any of you think this on is as funny as I do? Be A Pal. I even love the Ethel reads the book as she sits at Lucy's kitchen table. that Lucy looks so funny in those big old baggy pajamas and her hair up in curlers. I have an aunt that dresses just like that!

Anyway, here's some interesting trivia about that episode. Do you remember when Lucy's last resort was thinking that Ricky just missed Cuba and missed his mother and maybe wanted Lucy to be more like her? So she dressed up like Carmen Miranda and lip syncs "Mama Eu Quero" which is a Brazilian song, not a Cuban song. The other funny part about this episode is this, do you remember when Lucy is having all of the little kids running out of the bedroom area (acting like they are Ricky's younger siblings) and she's telling them about all the delicious food they'll be eating such as tacos etc... Well, in that whole string of food she mentions, none of the food is Cuban!

Since it was only the second episode of the show and the audience was live, certain celebrity friends of Lucy and Desi showed up to show their support. Among them was Jack Benny and his wife, Van Johnson, her close friend Ginger Rogers, Eve Arden Carmen Miranda herself and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Macrae. The real studio audience had a real treat that night!