Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's meet Vivian Vance

Our favorite next-door neighbor seems destined to always take a back seat to Lucy Ricardo, but not hear, not today. We're gonna give her all the space she deserves.

Here you go, everything you ever wanted to know about Vivian Vance!!

Name: Vivian Roberta Jones

Born: July 26, 1909 Cherryvale, Kansas

Died: August 19, 1979 Belvedere, California of Cancer

Parents: Robert Andrew Jones and Euphemia Mae Ragan Jones

Siblings: Venus; Dorothy; Maxine (Mickey); Robert, Jr.; Lou Ann

Married: Joseph Danneck, Jr. (divorced)

George Koch (divorced)

Philip Ober (divorced)

John Dodds

Film Appearances: The Secret Fury (1950, RKO)

The Blue Veil (1951, RKO)

The Great Race (1965, Warner Bros.)

Stage Appearances, Broadway: Music in the Air (opened November 8, 1932)

Anything Goes (opened November 21, 1934)

Red, Hot and Blue! (opened October 29, 1936)

Hooray for What! (opened December 1, 1937)

Skylark (opened October 11, 1939)

Out from Under (opened May r, 1940)

Let's Face It (opened October 29, 1941)

It Takes Two (opened February 3, 1947)

The Cradle Will Rock (opened December 26, 1947)

My Daughter, Your Son (opened May 13, 1969)

Television Appearances, Series: "I Love Lucy" (1951-1957, CBS)

"The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" (1957-1960, CBS)

"The Lucy Show" (1962-1965, CBS)

Television Appearances, with William Frawley"Stars in the Eye" (November 13, 1952, CBS)

"The Milton Berle Show" (May

"Toast of the Town" (October 3, 1954, CBS)

"Show of Stars" (episode titled "High Pitch") (May 12, 1955, CBS)

"The Bob Hope Chevy Show" (October 24, 1956, NBC)

"The Desilu Revue" (December 15, 1959, CBS)

Other Principal Television Appearances: "The Lucy Show" (episode titled "Viv Visits Lucy") (January 9, 1967, CBS)"

The Lucy Show" (episode titled "Lucy and Viv Reminisce") (January 1, 1968, CBS)

"The Lucy Show" (episode titled "Lucy and the Lost Star") (February 26, 1968, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "The Matchmaker") (December 16, 1968, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "Lucy and Lawrence Welk") (January 19, 1970, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "Lucy and Viv Visit Tijuana") (January 26, 1970, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Pt. 1") (February 15, 1971, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Pt. 2") (February 22, 1971, CBS)

"Here's Lucy" (episode titled "With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?" (February 14, 1972, CBS)

"CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years" (November 28, 1976, CBS)

"Lucy Calls the President" (November 21, 1977, CBS)

Awards: Best Series Supporting Actress Emmy Award, 1953

Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actress in a Regular Series Emmy nomination, 1954. Best Supporting Performance by an Actress Emmy nomination, 1956. Best Continuing Supporting Performance by an Actress in a Dramatic or Comedy Series Emmy nomination, 1957.